22 April 2010

I'm Having Nightmares

That's right, I've been having nightmares, except they don't happen when I sleep, but they still keep me up at night.  They make my stomach hurt, my hair fall out, my husband's hair fall out, and give me ulcers in my mouth. The nightmares I've been having are called searching for a home to purchase.  Ugh, house hunting, I'm so tired of it!
We did have a contract on a house, but it fell through.  The sellers found out how much their house was actually worth and they did not want to come down, and eventually gave us problems with upholding their end of the contract as well.  Monday was an absolutely horrid day and I thought I just wanted to crawl up in the fetal position, fall asleep, and then wake up in June; either that or go barge through someone's office and demand my earnest money back.  It was a nightmare that wouldn't end, hopefully the worst is over now, we shall see.

Now we are considering a couple of options.  We can wait for this whole tax credit to blow over and home prices to drop and build a new house and choose what we want, on the lot we want, (anyone know anything about First Texas Homes?) or we can purchase an existing home that's about 12 years old, but in good shape and a great size.  It's only been on the market for 1, yes, one day, and houses are being grabbed up quickly.  Two houses we were interested in a week ago have already gotten contracts on them, so if we act on it, we need to act fast.  The hard part is deciding what to do.  Do we attempt to go for the tax credit with a matter of a few days left or do we build something for a little bit more money and get what we want??? (Which would also be closer to our totally fantastic, and photography buddy family members, AND it's just off the lake!)

People say if you can build a house together your marriage will survive, I'm beginning to think that just buying a house alone is hard enough.  The financing has been fine, it's the negotiations with the sellers that has been so difficult, then finding something that isn't being grabbed up that fits my picky desires.  (Hey, I'm making at least a 10 year investment here, I'm allowed to be picky for once!) Luckily it hasn't been quite as hard agreeing with Cliff.  Some things yes, but others no; I like older houses, where as Cliff prefers a newer home, about 12 years is as old as he'll go.

Well, I have this and two showers ahead of me this weekend.  I get to hang out with some college friends this Saturday and old church friends on Sunday, plus I get to see my mom and dad!!! Maybe I need this weekend to get away from it all.

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  1. Well Christina, I understand, we went thru the same thing about 7 years ago and I wish I had waited and built what I wanted.
    Roy fell in love with the place and he just thougt it was perfect, at least he has let me make most of the changes I wanted. So I can't really help you. If you think it is a lifetime home, then build. Ours was as we are alot older and just got married 7 years ago.

    So good luck and try to relax.