23 April 2011

Christina Lee Photo has moved!

Gee it has been quite a while since I have updated here!  It seems that I failed to let all of you wonderful people know of a big change that I made back in March.

At this point in time, I have moved my blog and website over to www.christinaleephoto.wordpress.com

I have combined both my website and blog into one location, and I hope that you will join me in this new adventure.  After winning an incredible year's subscription to SmugMug, and really appreciating its benefits, I have decided that it would be difficult to keep up with essentially three websites, along with a web site for a large 5A high school, teach high school kids, be a wife, oh yeah, AND further develop my craft in photography! So, on that note, at this time christinaleephoto.com is still under my ownership, I just do not have anything running under the domain at this time, but I plan to get things up and running again appropriately by this summer, once I get this crazy school year under wraps.  In the meantime, I'll be posting my updates and latest news and images on my new wordpress blog, and I plan to maintain my SmugMug account that includes my client viewing, and of course, there is my Flickr page as well, which I have now gone Pro in, so I anticipate a lot more uploads!

Thank you so much for reading my simple little blog here as I write about my photography adventures, please make sure you join me on this new adventure as well!

Thanks again!

05 January 2011

{DFW Photographer} Featuring Jamal Turner

I couldn’t help but do a post about this guy.  Jamal is a student at my school, (he has officially graduated early because he is going to college this semester to do spring training.)

Right now I’m watching him participate in the Under Armour High School All American Bowl Game on the white team, number 3.  Jamal is our varsity football quarterback and has been widely recruited across the country to play football beginning next year.  Jamal decided to go to Nebraska after much consideration, and needless to say, we are all excited about his new journey he is about to begin.  (Looks like I’m going to become a Husker fan next year, along with a *cringe* Sooner fan as well…but that is for a later explanation, and another kid.)

Now, I normally would hesitate to post his picture on here as well as his last name, but seeing has how if you click on the links above you’ll find out his last name, where he’s going to college, and you could probably even find out his weight, I don’t think a post commending him on his achievements is going to hurt.


Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to take some pictures for Jamal for our homecoming court portraits, so I decided to post a couple of the shots here tonight in honor of good luck to him and his game.


One of the incredible features about Jamal is learning of how he has overcome loss and hardship throughout a lot of his life already.  The first week of school, he tragically lost his mother.  I admire Jamal for his motivation to keep going; he actually played in the game the next night because “because it’s what my mom would have wanted.” All this after loosing an older brother just a couple of years before. 


He is strong, has perseverance, and a talented athlete.  I wish him the best of luck throughout the rest of his life!


{Dallas Family Photographer} Wisk Family

A little less than a year ago, I met up with Hillary and Larry on a chilly day to shoot their engagement pictures in Dallas and the Arboretum.  Recently, we met up again to do some family pictures for them and Larry’s soon to be seven year old son, James.

Wisk family2

We went to the Mandalay Canal in Las Colinas where it was a little chilly at first, but we made it through with some good shots!

Wisk family

Wisk family 6 Wisk family 10

Wisk family 9

James was a complete ham---and I love it!  I think it is great that James put on this fun and comfy look with his beanie here!

Wisk family 8

“Gimme Seven, cuz you’re gonna be 7!”

Wisk family 11

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted.  I have had some problems uploading with my computer.  I’ve actually had this post written for about a week and just now was able to get it to upload.  (Sigh, probably something to do with Explorer; fortunately I use Firefox most of the time.)

06 December 2010

{DFW Photographer} The Eason Family

This weekend was the first time I ever actually met Amanda and her family in person.  In the past I’ve just connected with her on Facebook and briefly talked with her on the phone about camera settings one afternoon.

Anyway, we worked out a trade of sorts and I did a family shoot for them in Waxahachie on Saturday, where the light was wonderful and the scenery, well, it was divine.

Amanda is a college friend of my sister’s and has the wonderful luxury of being a stay at home mom while her husband, Andy, works and is in law school.  During her time at home, Amanda has created the Bitty Bear Baby Boutique, where she is a sewing goddess with all of her fantastic baby goods, and even some goodies for mamas and daddies as well! 



BBlogoweb This weekend, Amanda surprised me with the adorable Mama Clutch in a beautiful damask fabric with pink accents and a SUPER cute fabric flower! I may not be a mama, but I can still carry the Mama Clutch---maybe it’s more like a teacher clutch for me, since it fits well in my laptop bag for work.

frontbuscard Amanda also included some of the business cards that I designed for her, and I must say, they came out looking super cute, yet, very professional!

04 December 2010

{DFW Photographer} Introducing New Mini Accordion Books!

I am so happy to introduce a new product I have over here at Christina Lee Photography! These new mini accordion books are the perfect modern day “brag book” for your latest photo shoot. 

Accordion book

Wouldn’t this be an awesome way to show off the pictures of your lasted addition to your family? It easily fits in your purse or pocket and is more durable than regular prints!

Christina Lee Accordion Book

How about a gift for Grandma? I think these would be just fabulous for excited grandmas to show off pictures of their new grandbaby!
(Did I mention that Christmas is coming up soon too!)

Christina Lee Accordion Book

The accordion books are custom designed and printed on linen paper on both sides.  They present the look of classic quality while being new and innovative. 

Christina Lee Accordion Book

These sweet little babies are double sided as well, and come with a custom front and back cover, and are magnetized to ensure it stays shut when you want it to!

Christina Lee Accordion

What a great way to post pictures on your desk at work, or even on an entry table or bookshelf in your home! I love that these are pretty enough to set out, but handy enough to carry them on the go! They are also super durable to where it’s fine for kids to play with them as well; and we know kids love to have things in their hands and look at pictures!

Christina Lee Accordion Book

So order your accordion book today with selections from your latest photo shoot on them!

21 November 2010

{Irving Photographer} Miss Mature Irving

Today I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for one of Cliff’s co-workers, Ann Danford, the 2010 Ms. Mature Irving.  I have worked with Ann once before when we did headshots for her granddaughter, Alex.  This time, we did a session for Ann’s wall photo at the Irving Heritage Senior Center for her Ms. Mature Irving award.  This was my first experience to photograph a beauty queen and it was fun! :) It was great working with Ann again and I look forward to again in the future!