04 December 2010

{DFW Photographer} Introducing New Mini Accordion Books!

I am so happy to introduce a new product I have over here at Christina Lee Photography! These new mini accordion books are the perfect modern day “brag book” for your latest photo shoot. 

Accordion book

Wouldn’t this be an awesome way to show off the pictures of your lasted addition to your family? It easily fits in your purse or pocket and is more durable than regular prints!

Christina Lee Accordion Book

How about a gift for Grandma? I think these would be just fabulous for excited grandmas to show off pictures of their new grandbaby!
(Did I mention that Christmas is coming up soon too!)

Christina Lee Accordion Book

The accordion books are custom designed and printed on linen paper on both sides.  They present the look of classic quality while being new and innovative. 

Christina Lee Accordion Book

These sweet little babies are double sided as well, and come with a custom front and back cover, and are magnetized to ensure it stays shut when you want it to!

Christina Lee Accordion

What a great way to post pictures on your desk at work, or even on an entry table or bookshelf in your home! I love that these are pretty enough to set out, but handy enough to carry them on the go! They are also super durable to where it’s fine for kids to play with them as well; and we know kids love to have things in their hands and look at pictures!

Christina Lee Accordion Book

So order your accordion book today with selections from your latest photo shoot on them!


  1. hi,
    This is Ihsan from saudi Arabia. I loved this mini Album, I was searching about how to it and what kind of paper to use inside and outside the Album but no luck.
    if that OK with you, could you please tell me how to do it???
    I want to add it to my services.
    thanks again,
    Ihsan Idrees

    1. Hello Ihsan! I'm so sorry, I just saw this post! (This is actually my old blog.)
      I actually order the mini accordion book through my printer---mpix pro or White House Custom Color, and they usually provide a template. I created my own template in Photoshop by adding clipping masks over images. In the background is where I used a variety of brushes and textures to achieve the look I wanted for the background. Many people also sell pre-made templates online.