14 April 2010

Laura's Senior Shoot, (Grand Prairie Senior Photographer)

Cliff is so awesome, he is also supportive in my endeavors.  He demonstrates this by doing things such as putting my business card up on his work bulletin board to advertise for my photography. It actually worked as well!  Cliff's co worker asked me to do a senior session for her daughter, Laura, who is graduating from South Grand Prairie High School this spring.
This weekend we did her senior shoot at Cedar Hill State Park.

Laura is so pretty.  She's pretty quiet, but anything she says it is something worth saying. Laura told me she is planning on going to college in sunny Florida and major in film making---how exciting is that!?  Congratulations Laura and I enjoyed our session the other day!

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  1. Gorgeous Christina. Although I've never met her, you seem to have captured her quiet, but beautiful spirit.