03 May 2010

Senior Season

Right now it's senior season---it's all about the seniors in high school, or some in college as well!  Kids are gearing up and getting ready to assemble their graduation invitations, and of course, add in their super cool new wallet picture they had taken during their senior session with their photographer.

I love senior photography.  You can be so creative with it, and there are no set rules anymore to senior pictures; well, except the only rule may be, "express yourself!"  This is the time where it is all about that person and their achievements so far in life, and the bridge to the next level.  From now on, they fully determine what happens in their future, whether they decide to go to work, technical school, college, military, or some other endeavor.  This week I've had orders for three senior sessions and I'm so excited to have gotten the prints in today!  I love coming home to that package of prints from my lab and seeing the hard work I have put into my projects in tangible form.  I love preparing the prints, making sure they are packaged well enough for delivery to my clients and preparing everything just right.

Tomorrow I'm delivering a new product that I'll be offering with senior print orders from now on that is super cool! It totally fits with what a senior session should be all about---creative and expressive of the individual.  However, I'm not planning on revealing this until tomorrow, because I want my client to see the product in hand first!  (Don't worry, the pictures are already taken.)

So, make sure that when you have your senior pictures done, they are reflective of your personality and creativity...after all, it is your time to shine!!!

'Till Next Time...

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