18 May 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of a First Look (DFW Wedding Photographer)

Exactly as it says, do not underestimate the power of a First Look Session with your future spouse on your wedding day.  This is time set aside before the wedding for you and your partner only--with the photographer.  It is a good time for the photographer to get some portraits of you two together without everyone waiting on you to cut the cake. Here you can get some really intimate portraits that can mean a lot between you and your spouse, and you are still excited and not all worn out from the festivities. Honestly, I wish Cliff and I had done a First Look session for our wedding...I REALLY wish we would have done that!  We got pictures of us together, but I felt like they were rushed and I wish I had some more of just us together before the wedding. I tend to be pretty traditional, but if your love is truly meant to last....a first look session will not bash your luck for your marriage, in fact, it might even make it better!
The above picture is of my cousin and her husband before their wedding.  They did something really cute where Stephen wore a blind fold and Mandy came to him--it was super special and a moment just for them during the wedding day.
So think about it before you plan the photography for your wedding day, and do not forget to ask your wedding photographer about a First Look Session!

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