20 May 2010

The Texas Tech Graduate

Congratulations are in order---my younger sister graduated from Texas Tech last weekend on May 14th with her Bachelor's degree in Human Sciences.  Cliff and I ventured out to Lubbock for the event and discovered that the town can turn into a series of rivers once it rains a little bit. Yep, just a little bit of water out there causes you to start looking for an ark! I didn't think I'd get any pictures of graduation but the rain stopped and Cliff, being the incredible husband that he is, went back out to the car and brought my camera inside, just in time for Jessie to walk up to the stage and accept her diploma, and for me to capture her "getting her guns up" in the crowd of the rest of the graduates who had their hands in their laps. :) 
Jessie is a lot of fun---she's very outgoing and marches to the beat of her own drum for sure---everyone in our family can identify it.  She does not care if it is cool or what others want her or not want her to do---she's very much her own person.  I admire her for that.  She can make me laugh so much.  Even when we were younger, she had a wild imagination and could turn a simple ribbon bow into a whole Broadway performance. (She really did that one time at the table...) She knows me well enough that if I had to leave my house to be completely renovated and decorated by someone else, I would completely trust her to do it---and not much of anyone else. Jessie is usually the first person I buy for at Christmas---because I probably found her gift in June---she's that easy to buy for.  Tech fit her well as red was already her favorite color and the air is dry---allowing her to contain her wild woman hair!

Jessie will start teaching a toddler class this summer at the Texas Tech CVRC--where they hire certified teachers for their pre-school.  She's very excited to start her job, as well as the rest of the family is for her.

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