26 May 2010

End of the Year Wrap Up

The 2009-2010 school year is slowly coming to a close---yet fast at the same time.  I still want to do some super cool projects with my kiddos but alas, the school year has to end at some point.  The thing that made me smile the other day though is when a few kids asked if there was a "Multimedia 2" option in the classes.  Boy---I wish there was---we could focus more on other parts of media and we could go further in depth and make it all connect a little easier, but there isn't....oh well. 

Right now we are finishing up a super cool project called the "Multimedia Marketing Package Design" where my kids had to design a logo, business card, and letterhead for a skateboarding company in Dallas.  They had to imagine that they were hired by that company to give them a "facelift" and create some new marketing tools for them.  I have been very pleased with most of the results so far!  Some of these kids are putting together some GOOD stuff when I have not been able to get assignments out of them all year long!  I am so proud of my students so far while grading these and seeing about 150 different ways "Index Skateboard Supplies" can be interpreted.  It is amazing how different some of these designs are, and how creative some of them are as well.  There are of course, the bad apples who did not do much of classwork all year long, and did not do half their project, but the stuff I am getting from most---I am super impressed!  I've been printing out logos like crazy and posting them all over my walls!

All that said, I am looking forward to the summer.  I am looking forward to focusing on my photography more and developing it into a better tool.  I want to be phenomenal at photography.  As I look through pictures from the past in history and I see those important moments captured on film, such as the "Migrant Mother" from the Depression era, or the Frenchman weeping as the Nazis marched into Paris, I just cannot help but think, "Man! I want to have a picture like that!"  I want people who see my work to well up with emotion and feel like they are there in the action--the moment, that changed history.  I want them to feel joy, happiness, sorrow, and anger as they see my photos.  I want them to be able to see the story. I am going to make it an earnest goal of mine to practice and work on my photography this summer and be active in the community to expand my photography and allow myself to grow. 

I am a photographer.....hear me click my shutter!!!!!!

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