06 June 2010

I Heart Faces Photo Walk--Dallas

I thought I knew how to get there, just exit Akard off Woodall Rodgers....no biggie.....YEAH RIGHT!

Thirty minutes later, after I've driven in circles around downtown Dallas, and round and round the Starbucks, Myerson, called both my dad and grandfather who know downtown pretty well due to their work experience and beating my steering wheel relentlessly, I finally discovered the parking lot with a crowd of women and their DSLR cameras!  I FINALLY made it to the I Heart Faces Photo Walk that my friend Arena, (The Nerd's Wife) hooked me up with for this morning's photography adventure.

Being Texas, it was hot, but we had fun! It was really neat to meet other photography enthusiasts that live in the area and shoot pictures with them as well.  It was truly an experience! I love learning more about photography and one of the best ways is to be around other people who are eager to learn as well and are open to learning from each other.

Here's one of my 176 shots from today of one of the precious models we had with us!
I ran a couple of Pioneer Woman's actions---Boost and another one on the new Photoshop CS5 extended version, then re-sized it for the web, and apparently I can't spell "photography" tonight.  Go figure---it has been a long and eventful day of photo walks, graduation, and birthday parties. 

I'll be back later with more images and news about the photo walk.  Peace out and 'till next time!

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