08 November 2010

{The New House} Lovely Mantle

I love our fireplace—it is not messy at all. I love it because even I can start a fire---by switching the “on” switch. :)  At first I hated our mantle---it was just so “blah.”  Then we painted the living room walls the nice Cobblestone gray color and now the white mantle just pops!  Recently, Cliff and my dad mounted our television and then began running speaker wires for Cliff’s new sound system that he “got for his birthday” when really I told him since it would make things easier—he could just go buy the sound system he wanted for his birthday. I decided to add a few of our pictures and I recently bought the cool silver candle holders at ZGallerie in Dallas last weekend.

Any way, here is our mantle:


This isn’t the best quality of picture---it was pretty late at night and for some reason I just could not eliminate the shake on my camera---which means I’m usually too lazy to break out my tripod. Oh well, it’s a picture—so there ‘ya go. :)

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