11 November 2010

{The New House} Christmastime is a Comin’

Well, right now we are planning on having my dad’s family over for dinner on Christmas day, so I’ve started planning for our first big dinner party at our new house.  We are expecting 11 people including Cliff’s parents.  A bittersweet thing about my dad’s family is we are pretty small.  My mom and dad were the only ones to have children of my grandparent’s three children and my aunt and uncle are both single so Jessie and I have been the only children at Christmas for many years, (which was good at times because it allowed for extra special spoiling ;) Either way, it has always been special. We always break out the nice silver and china and have the nice sit down dinner, which is a nice change from the relaxed atmosphere that is the norm these days, plus it’s easier to do when your family is a little smaller. 

We always have fun—especially since Jessie and I have gotten older and can crack dirty jokes with my aunt and uncle. ;)

In preparation for this special dinner, I picked up the prettiest napkin rings from ZGallerie the other day in Dallas, and can’t wait to use them.


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