10 October 2010

365 Photo Project

Well, we have moved into our new house, (even though we have a few straggling boxes left at the apartment and some odds and ends….

I have not done a 365 post in a WHILE---so I thought I’d update with some images.  I have not been so successful with capturing an image every single day; it is definitely more challenging than I originally thought.

Without further adieu, here are some more of my 365 images:

929chandelierDay 6: The chandelier in our dining room with the new wall color: Cobblestone from the Martha Stewart Living collection. I am surprised that Cliff actually went for the gray color—I figured it would be more of a fight!  Eventually, I would like to get some white drum shades for the bulbs on this chandelier.

IMG_0503Day 8: Saturday, October 2nd. I love this basket that I found at Maypearl’s Antique Alley weekend recently.  I think it will be great on our kitchen island or bar.  It will be especially great for holding some cookies (as shown) or treats during the holidays, (which, we are hosting Christmas this year for my Shankle family!)  This image is from my grandfather’s 80th birthday party last weekend out at the Batchelor cabin in Naples. We had SO many cookies all homemade by my aunts and cousin!

IMG_0572Day 9: Sunday, October 3rd. Our new kitchen island in the back of my dad’s truck as he’s driving off from Canton First Monday Trade Days with it.  We are so excited about this island! It’s perfect for our kitchen and it’s repurposed out of an old school.  My dad put locks on the casters to make it less likely to move around.  The top has a lot of carvings in it such as, “Viva Mexico, Erika!” and “Carlos” and several other things….including one that is inappropriate that we did not notice until after we bought it.  We are contemplating carving our names in it and the date we moved into our new house---not sure if we’ll do that or not though.

IMG_0584Day 10: Monday, October 4th. Our living room, equipped with new paint! I did not like the fireplace much at first, but with the new paint color---I’m definitely liking it more!

IMG_0596Day 11: Tuesday, October 5th. I’m so excited that we both have a covered parking spot that no one will take---in our own garage!!!















Day 12: Wednesday, October 6th. Our dining room with the new paint color!    

IMG_0607Day 13: Thursday, October 7th. I drove through and got some bar b que at the brand new Rudy’s in Arlington on the way home, in hopes of not loosing time on packing. It is SO nice to have a Rudy’s close now! We are big time Rudy’s fans!

 IMG_0610 Day 14: Friday, October 8th. This is about the time we went to bed---finally on Friday night---why you might ask?  Because we were still packing---and I wouldn’t say we actually finished it—we just began to shove crud in baskets, sacks, and boxes to move other stuff to the house.

IMG_0612Day 15: Saturday, October 9th. MOVING DAY! Yes, I color coded the moving boxes according to which rooms they went in. Then, I took it one step further and posted a legend by each door the guys would be coming in with our stuff!

Well, that is it for now! I’m hoping I won’t lag farther behind on my blogging due to not having internet if At&t doesn’t get their act together and let us know for sure whether or not we can have U-Verse at our house. (All the houses we share a property line with have it---but the website is saying that we can’t.)

Happy Sunday, and see ‘ya later!


  1. That chandelier picture is BEAUTIFUL. And your new house looks awesome! Congrats on being home owners!

  2. Love the paint colors! And we better go eat Rudy's together soon! Miss seeing you!