12 October 2010

Project 365 Update

Well, things certainly have been busy around here, but we are taking the evening off to watch the Rangers playoff game.  Hopefully we will go home tonight in a good mood, aka: with a Rangers win.

Here are some of my 365 updates from the last couple of days.

Day 16: Sunday, October 10, 2010.  I installed new hardware on the typing table that is in the front entryway.  I’ve had these things for a few months. I love the green glass.  I also have coordinating knobs for the white radio cabinet that I plan to re-paint.


Day 17: Monday, October 11, 2010. Our kitchen in its current state with the new kitchen island.  We are so pleased with how this has turned out so far.  It fits perfectly with our kitchen and goes quite well with it.  The black appliances make it easier to bring black into the decor and the wood top with black bottom I just love.  Expect to see some green and white incorporated as well fairly soon! I feel like we could use some more storage space in here, but one thing I love is the built in appliances and the GAS stove!!! I love cooking with gas!

IMG_0620 Today’s photo is not of our house…but out at my inlaw’s house in Waxahachie.  Their home is in the city limits, but it backs up to a cotton/corn field, (whichever they are planting that year.)  I love the look of the sunset behind their house.  It’s so pleasant and peaceful.

IMG_0645Well, that is about it for today…we are STILL without internet at our house—it’s driving me crazy, and I’m ready for At&t to get in gear—especially so I can work on lessons from home like I know I’ll need to do in a couple of days…oh well!

Have a good night….and GO RANGERS!

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