28 September 2010

{DFW Photographer} Wait, You Mean I’m a Grownup Now?

Life has been crazy busy in the last few weeks.  Just in the last week a couple of very eventful things happened in our family.

Monday started with the birth of our beautiful niece—the first Carpenter grandchild, Zoey Carpenter!  Zoey decided to come 5 days early because she just couldn’t stand hiding out any longer.  Around 10:00 Monday, September 20th, Zoey made her first appearance into the world. (pictures to come later.)

Friday was a very eventful day on a personal level for Cliff and Myself.  We took the plunge, nearly emptied our bank account, and purchased a house.  You might remember that we started searching for a house back in January, and it ended up being quite the ordeal if you have read this post. We didn’t broadcast the information very much to our friends or on facebook, etc. because we did not want to go through the frustration of explaining to everyone again if the deal fell through.

The house is not as large as the last one we had under contract---but it is of good quality and in a good neighborhood, and it was cheaper! We were able to put the house on a 20 year note, so we’ll have it paid off faster! Nevertheless, we are still very excited to be purchasing our very first home together and getting it ready to move into during the next couple of weeks.

924 closing day

In lieu of starting a new chapter of our lives together, AND getting my trusty little point and shoot—the Canon G11, (which I am LOVING,) I have decided to start a “365” project where I post one picture a day, (or post several pictures—one representing each day prior,) based on our first year adventure as being home owners in Mansfield, Texas.  I’m not sure that these photos will always be the best quality that I am capable of, but I did want to document this first year journey of becoming home owners because this is a place we worked so hard to get to, and there was a lot of time invested in the search for this new home. (So the above displayed photo of Cliff and me standing in front of our new house counts as day #1.)

Here are images from the 25th and 26th of September.  Shamefully, I kind of forgot and didn’t take a singe picture yesterday on the 27th. :(

Here is a shot of our cousin’s daughter: Kenna, singing at the top of her lungs with a paint brush in one of our guest bedrooms.  This girl cracks me up, and is not afraid to sing and dance in front of you.  She makes me smile every single time I see her. Love her and her parents SO much!


Like I said, these photos are not of great quality but hey, they are photos and they are part of documentation of this new journey we are taking this next year!

Today’s image is of the custom cupcake picks I made for my grandfather’s 80th birthday party set for this weekend. Think he might get me for posting an old football picture of himself?


On another sad note, I am so glad that we were not in Austin today to have to experience the shooting at the University of Texas.  Cliff is a UT alum and we visit fairly often.  If you have not heard, there was a tragic shooting in one of the libraries on campus involving a student shooter who fired off several rounds before taking his own life.  Fortunately, he did not hurt anyone else, but it was scary either way.


  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge! Very cute house. :-)

    And I was sad to hear about the shooting at UT. Glad you guys weren't there and are safe!

  2. Your new house is adorable. Looking forward to all the pictures you'll be taking.