29 June 2010

{DFW Photographer} Twitter, Weddings, Roommates, and Family

This week has been pretty full of excitement so far. Right now I am in East Texas out at the "Shankle Farm" ie: My parents' house/barn, spending a few days with family and visiting with old friends before I have to plant myself in DFW for the summer when I have knee surgery next month.

First off, let me announce, I'm on Twitter now! You can find me at www.twitter.com/cleephoto. 
I decided that I guess it is about time and give in to peer pressure and try this thing out.  I'm still not sure that I really understand the point of Twitter, but hey, I will give it a shot. After Candice Cunningham was shocked that I did not Twitter despite the fact that I'm a Multimedia teacher and her giving me grief about it, I decided to try it out. :)

Saturday I made my way out to Mansfield, Louisiana to see my former college roommate, Hillary get married.  I did Hillary's engagement pictures last year in December and later did her Bridal shots this past spring.  She was such a beautiful bride, and it was great to see college friends again! One thing that is great is I have been DYING to share Hillary's bridal pictures with you, and now I FINALLY get to share these pictures! We did the shoot on a Sunday afternoon at the Mandalay Canal in Las Colinas. This place is so beautiful! I wish I would have known about it earlier in life or had attempted to find it earlier, because it is just gorgeous. Hillary and her mom came out to my house from East Texas and we went out to take the pictures, sadly, she left her veil back at my apartment, but we made do anyway.
This slideshow I created at Magtoo.com where you can make slideshows for free as silly or elegant as you like.

Here is Hillary with both her dad and stepfather, both named "Stan" and have been great father figures in her life.
From Hillary's wedding
These two girls were precious and I had fun playing with the editing of this picture:
From Hillary's wedding
James is Larry's son from a previous marriage that is super cute and seems to be fitting in with his new extended family quite well.
From Hillary's wedding
I thought the forks were lined up so pretty---and I like weird things such as forks.
From Hillary's wedding
Here are the three former fabulous roommates:
From Hillary's wedding
While I was at Hillary's wedding, I was able to see my old roommates from my senior year in college. Wendy and Eva were both there, and they both got married back in 2007 right after I graduated in May. We all lived in this really old house in Marshall, and we called it the House of CHEW, (Christy, Hillary, Eva, & Wendy.) It previously had been dominated by the baseball boys of ETBU and the softball girls before that. When the three baseball boys that lived there before us decided to move out, we jumped at the chance to move in. We had some fun times, expensive electricity bills, furry rats, but all in all, it was a good year where we learned a lot and made a lot of memories. Wendy and I had lived together for two years previous to that senior year, and we were both concentrating in Social Studies in conjunction with our degrees in Education--so we were the history nerds, oh yeah, and band nerds as well. Three glorious summers of marching band on a black asphalt parking lot----whew! Those were the days! We found Hillary and Eva across the way, and Hillary and I were also in colorguard together at ETBU, (part of the band.)

Since Hillary's wedding, I have been in East Texas visiting with some family and friends while I am here and I'll head back to the metroplex tomorrow morning. I've taken the opportunity to do some things that I don't always get the chance to do while I am out here. Sunday, I went and visited my cousin Angie, who is a photography buddy as well, and really enjoyed my time with her and her family. We get along very well. Angie and I both are really practical and have a lot in common. Her and Mandy were so mean to me as a kid, I mean, really, who wants to hang out with the younger grandchild? But since we have gotten older, and really since I went to college, we have become very close. I value our relationship, and hope it always remains as good as it is.

Monday, I went up to Mount Pleasant and visited my best friend, Terrie, who is going to be teaching Pre-K this fall!!! Terrie has always wanted to be a teacher, from the moment I have met her, she knew she wanted to teach children, and now she finally gets to achieve her dream! I am so excited for her! We went up to her classroom to work on getting some things organized, and goodness, there were packets of construction paper stashed EVERYWHERE in that room! I think we finally found it all and were able to organize it all in the closet. At least we got ONE thing done!

Tonight, we are going out to eat fish with some 2nd and 3rd cousins at a traditional place that we go to eat if we ever have a family gathering....David Beard's Catfish Village off Hwy 155 in Ore City. I definitely look forward to eating some bottom feeder catfish and visiting with family!

'Till Next Time!

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