01 July 2010

July Birthdays and Fabulous Giveaways

Happy July! It's totally, like, the best month EVER! (Okay, maybe I'm a little biased because my birthday is in two days!) (I really hope Cliff gets me an ice cream cake again!)

I have several friends that have July birthdays as well!
For example, my birthday twin, Sydni Rae! We're both fun photographers who have the coolest birthday ever--that is almost guaranteed to have fireworks, because we are that awesome, (no, not because it's the day before July 4th)

Then, there is my sister in law, Jenn, from Bohemian Rose, who makes all the fantastic soap and bath & body products out of her own home and they are delish! My favorite scent is the Minty Lavender! I am not a lavender fan, but when mixed with mint, ahhhhhhh! it is incredible! Warning though---the soap lasts forever! I keep waiting to buy more until I run out and I keep not running out! She also has some fabulous products such as her soap scrub--great for summer feet, yummy lip balms, facial scrubs, and more! Check her out and enter her contest!

Another great blogging friend of mine, Arena, from The Nerd's Wife is doing a book giveaway as well, because her birthday is in July too! (We are both hitting the quarter century mark, go us!)

Take a minute and stop by the awesome blogs of these fabulous ladies and wish them a happy birthday! (or, just enter their contest!)

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