10 June 2010

DFW Photographer---Birthday Wish!

Well, last night was the first ever Dallas SmugMug Meeting at the very nice Tower Club on Elm Street.
Candice Cunningham was one of our guest speakers and she was quite inspiring with her talk about marketing your brand. (I might have gotten in a little bit of trouble for not being a twitter-er.) One thing I saw of Candice's was something I would LOVE to have.....
This amazing little thing called the Canon EF 70-200 mm L F4 Lens Coffee Mug.
I just might start drinking coffee regularly in the middle of summer so I can have this mug. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

Do not fear Nikon lovers, they have a coffee mug for you now too.

About the best price I have seen on these wonderful little things has been about $35.00--a little pricey for a coffee mug, but come on! I say it is truly difficult to pass up something this amazing!
Needless to say...the title of this post says "Birthday Wish" so if you must know, my birthday is coming up in less than a month---on July 3rd, which happens to be the same day my cousin is getting married.  So----if anyone mentions "I really would like to get Christy a super cool birthday gift." Go ahead and tell 'em I'm in love with this little lens look a like coffee mug! And......don't hesitate to order one of these fantastic little things for the camera enthusiast in your life. 

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