13 June 2010

DFW Photographer-- Head Shots in Las Colinas

Cliff has always been pretty supportive of the decisions I make.  He's even been so supportive as to place a link to my website on the community electronic bulletin board at work.  As a result, a couple of people have been interested in my photography and have called me.  That is how Ann found me.  Last week Ann called me looking for a rush job for some head shots for her granddaughter, Alex, who participates in some pageants and has started doing some modeling.

So, we met up Saturday afternoon at the Mandalay Canal in Las Colinas for a quick photo shoot, and Alex was fun to work with and I think we got some good shots!  Good luck Alex on your upcoming pageants and I look forward to working with you again!

Honestly, it is hard to pick a favorite!

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  1. Christina, I cannot find your email so will just leave a comment. I need a good picture of me for my blog--something modern, sophisticated and creative. Is this something you would be interested in doing?