31 January 2010

Day 7: 21 Day Body Makeover

Well, today was day seven.  Only fourteen more days to go after this one.  Only three more days until we only have to have one "shake" per day---thank the Lord!

We keep making trips to the grocery store because we keep running out of apples and lettuce and grapes, etc.
I hate the grocery store.  I guess with as much as we are limited on what we could buy it makes the trip a little shorter. Either way, meh.

I have noticed that the program is making us go to bed a little earlier--Cliff in particular.  He now rarely stays up any later than 10:00 pm at night.  This is good--that way we wake up better and more refreshed the next morning. 

My stomach is a little heavy tonight.  Since Cliff found out we can have some steak every once in a while, he decided to prepare steak for us tonight for dinner.  We marinated them in some light Italian dressing (which is great for chicken as well.) and threw them on the George Forman Grill, (who is from my college town of Marshall by the way.)  With the steaks we added steamed broccoli and cauliflower (white, because Cliff won't touch the colorful stuff.)  I added half a sweet potato since we can have half of one per day, and they need to be eaten anyway. Oh man, I enjoy a sweet potato!  (Just ask Cliff's family when we go out for steak--who's most likely to order a baked sweet potato--yep, that's me!)  Great, all this talk of sweet potatoes is making me think back to those fabulous holiday meals we had in November and December....oh man! Those are my favorite meals of the year! Who can beat dressing and sweet potato casserole?  I could live on that stuff. 
Anyway, I decided to take a picture of my meal because it's rather pretty and it's colorful--which is what your supper plate should look like:

On other notes, today we had to do something that Cliff is totally against.  We bought Holly a sweater.  We really were forced to, because we took her to the groomer on Friday and they shaved her naked, and the poor thing has been shivering throughout this cold snap. So, we went over to Petco and I tried to pick out the most manly, least girly sweater outfit there was.  It BARELY fits this poor girl, and it's a red fleece vest basically that some other dog had tried on and gotten dust and dog hair all over it.  I had to make sure and wash it first because I didn't want Holly ending up with Mange or something like that.  (Her hair is too pretty to fall out.) Holly seems to like the sweater quite well, and Cliff says the sweater isn't so girly that he will still walk her. (Thank God, because I don't want to take her out all the time, especially in the cold.)
For your viewing pleasure, yet another image of my dog:
and yet, I decide I need to add even another picture of the super cute puppy to the mix.
Well, that's about it for tonight.  I'm off to do some reading before I have to go to sleep.  It's back to work tomorrow...

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  1. That vest doesn't cover much. It helps? I guess just having your shoulders covered does make you feel warmer. At least I do. Since I've never owned a dog--I can't speak for them.

    Enjoying your diet diary--probably more than you are enjoying the diet. :-)