30 January 2010

Day 6: 21 Day Body Makeover

Today presented its challenges with us being very busy searching for homes during most of the day in Mansfield.
As a result, we were bad kids and skipped both of our snacks because we didn't each lunch until three pm and we forgot to take our snacks in the car with us in the first place. Despite the cold though, I think we both managed to drink all of our water. 

We purchased more grapes today to put in our morning shakes.  We got two bags and it cost us a whopping $19.00---holy cow! What the heck---why am I insane enough to spend that much on grapes alone.  (although I did have a couple after I got home and they are plump and taste pretty good.) 

For dinner tonight we tried eating out at Chili's and it wasn't all that successful.  I got the margarita chicken and substituted the sides with seasonable veggies---which really means it was steamed broccoli with a few shavings of carrots that weren't really worth eating.  Cliff got the Salmon--and it was bland.  We do not reccommend getting dinner at Chili's if you are on this body cleanse--because it doesn't really make the food taste any better. 

On another note, we went house hunting today---oh joy!  We looked at 8-10 houses, I can't exactly remember how many there were, and I don't care to go back and count.  We got some good ideas of what was out there and we found at least one thing that we liked about each house.  We found one that was great--but it is right behind our apartment complex, and every time we would look out the living room windows we'd see someone's balcony at our current apartment complex.  Oh, but the kitchen was fabulous! 

We did find another house, the second house---it was a pleasant surprise.  It needs a kitchen makeover, and another bathroom cabinet in the master---and probably the secondary bathroom.  However, overall, it's a really nice home.  Ready for babies too--it's got a bedroom off the master and they connect--so it would be a great nursery, and then you can sheetrock it back up once you get done with having kids or you can turn it into your office--who knows.  It's something we'll probably keep on the list.  It made a pretty good impression.

Anyways, well, hope you've had a pretty good weekend so far, I'm going to go back to watching 500 Days of Summer and cuddle up with the hubby.

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