26 January 2010

Day 2: 21 Day Body Makeover

Well, lets see how today went. 
The shakes still stink, and I'm still kindof cranky. 

I have been having headaches lately but that was going on before I started the body makeover.  One thing is for sure---I slept well last night.  I hit the pillow and I was pretty much out!  It was great---I haven't slept all that well in a while.

Tonight we opted to not have dinner at home.  Instead we went to Cotton Patch where we each had the grilled Salmon with the steamed veggies and Cliff got more broccoli.  At first it was really hard at first to look through the menu at all the tasty items such as bacon and cheese fries----I'm not a huge french fry fan but oh! I'm certainly getting a plate of those with a pot of ranch dressing when I finish with this stinking thing!

I'm finding that I'm having cravings that I've never thought I've really had before.  I found myself craving dark chocolate today--which I've never had a craving for before.  I miss things such as sweet tea and even beans...yes, we can't even eat beans, I guess they cause excess gas.

The program suggests that women will have problems with constipation so they urge women to take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with every meal.  I have not had that experience so far, and I have not taken the apple cider vinegar.  I'll pay attention to it over the next few days and see if anything changes.

Lunch was not all that bad.  I had cold cuts of chicken wrapped in lettuce.  It was actually pretty good!

It wasn't a fantastic day but I can make it through another tomorrow. 

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