25 January 2010

Day 1: 21 Day Body Makeover

Well, I am definitely a Miss Cranky Pants today.  I still haven't eaten any dinner, and I haven't had any meat all day!  I didn't fall asleep until after 3:00am last night, and I'm almost certain I saw 4:00 am. 

When I wasn't able to wake myself up with a super yummy Chic Fil A biscuit this morning and a sweet tea, well it didn't make a good start to my day.  I had a "shake" made with water and fresh strawberries. 

Bottom line, the shake taste like play doh--it's OH SO GROSS!  I feel like Dumbledore in the Sixth Harry Potter book when he has to drink all of that liquid and he tells Harry "Why are you making me drink this!?"  Harry in this case would be my husband---why did I let him talk me into this??  The powder from the shake leaves a bad taste in my mouth all day.  I was not able to enjoy the salad I was having for lunch because I had to snack about an hour before hand. 

Ugh, this is going to be a process, perhaps I'll grow stronger if I continue to persevere in this conquest to make my body over in 21 days.  Tune in tomorrw for Day 2 progress and hopefully a better outlook on food---Salmon is on the menu for dinner. Unfortunately, the nasty shakes are still a requirement for me to drink three times a day.  

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