23 August 2009

Tax Free Nightmares and Movies With The Mother In Law

Well, this weekend was the infamous "Tax Free Weekend" in Texas that is supposed to give initiative to help parents buy back to school gear for their kids, and this year for the first time ever, it included get this, school supplies. After having to work this weekend before in the retail circuit, I usually steer WAY away from any type of retail area during this weekend. However, I decided that I "needed" to go to Hobby Lobby and Mardel today to get some last minute things for my classroom. I figured it might not be quite as busy as other retail stores, but for some reason people think that they'll get good deals on craft supplies and home decor during Tax Free Weekend as well.

After that battle, I went up to my classroom and fixed up a section of bulletin board then zoomed back home to go to Waxahachie for the movies.
My mother in law and I saw "Julie & Julia" tonight. As expected, I found it to be delightful and inspiring. The movie shows Julia Child's life to be inspiring. Her and her husband had what seemed like a great relationship where they generally enjoyed being around each other and respected each other. They seemed truly in love.

I am not saying that by any means that Cliff and I don't have a relationship like this, but I think this example is something to remind me that we should make sure we don't fall into a rut where we get tired of each other and complain about each other. I want to make sure that Cliff always knows that I appreciate him and support him. Seeing their example in this movie reminds me that I need to be vocal about my being supportive of my husband.

Also new this week, my best friend found out what gender her baby is .....a GIRL! I am so excited for Terrie and Richard and of course Reece, who will be getting a new baby sister in January. Now I feel like it's going to be difficult for me to not spend a large sum of money on this child! It is going to be hard to resist the cute little bows, fluffy pink tutus, and all the cute baby stuff out there. I really look forward to of course, getting some photography shots of this little girl and her whole family!

Well, I guess it is off to bed. Tomorrow it is time to wash more clothes and do some more setup in my classroom to make some last minute preparations for school to start on Monday!

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