29 August 2009

Camera Straps Complete!

Today I completed my three camera strap covers that I started working on too long ago. I don't have a sewing machine at my house so my mother in law was gracious enough to allow me to use hers and show me some of her fantastic sewing skills because the last time I sewed something was a sack dress that I used as my Greek goddess costume for a sixth grade Social Studies project. (Mrs. Hill was the best Social Studies teacher ever by the way!)

Well, I had the two strap covers that I made for myself embroidered with my new logo a couple of weeks ago because I like to be that exclusive. Who doesn't like the personal touch anyway? Only one is previewed here tonight because I had one on my strap and haven't been able to photograph it yet. I've since taken it off and put the other one on to make sure it fits so I'll photograph it tomorrow. I made a third strap without any sort of logo to give away. Lord knows that if I get good at this--there are enough DSLR camera owners in my family that it would be a pretty good family Christmas giveaway. I could also make one for my little sister who will eventually have her own DSLR. Matter of fact, at any family get together on my side of the family this is the list of DSLRs that we will have at any given time:
-Nikon D70 (My mother)
-Nikon D80 (My cousin Angie)
-Canon Rebel Silver (My cousin Misty)
-Canon EOS 30D (Me)
-Nikon D40 (My cousin's wife Tiffany)

Hopefully we'll get at least a few good shots of any family event with that many cameras around--this does not even include my sister and Aunt Debra with their cameras and then my other two cousins Mandy and Caleb with their cameras. When it comes down to it, taking pictures is a pretty popular hobby in my family. I'm not really sure what started it, but that is where we are currently, so the kiddos have very little opportunity to be camera shy--you have to get over it quickly with us.

But, back to the subject. I finished my strap covers today and I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. I added a thin layer of quilting batting that just ironed on for added comfort and I think it will work out well. The covers are also pretty tight so they won't bunch up easily on the strap. For my first rodeo with this I'm pretty impressed with my results. I'm by no means a pro--but I got the job done!

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