19 August 2009

Super Busy Woman

Well, school is about to start and life is getting super busy! This week I've been going through Teacher Inservice and putting my classroom back together. Last year I didn't really have time to develop some solid methods as far as arrangement of my classroom goes, so now I'm totally revamping some things and hanging new bulletin boards in addition to staff training. I'm looking forward to seeing how my changes work though. :)

Meanwhile, photography in my world is also picking up. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph a one year old of some old church friends of mine, back from when I went to a super small church in Cookville, Texas. My friends Sonya and TJ now live in the Ft. Worth area and asked me to come out and do family pictures of them and their son Samuel, who I must say is one of the cutest little boys I've ever seen! He has a unique, curious look about him that makes him distinctive, and just beautiful! Here's some shots from last Saturday:

Also, I've been taking my digital photography class on Wednesday nights up at the University of Texas at Arlington. Sunday morning we had a field trip where we met at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens and did some photo shooting around the area and here is some of what I came up with:

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