03 November 2010

{The New House}The Guest Bathroom

guestbathWell, the house is slowly coming together.  He have the tv hung and speakers on the wall, cable, and boxes are slowly, but surely disappearing. The room that is probably the most together would be the guest bathroom. So, I thought I’d share some pictures with you.






All of the above photos were taken using my Canon Powershot G11 point and shoot camera.  The shots were taken in raw+Large files and edited in Photoshop.  I am still loving my nifty little point and shoot for side and fun projects.  My dad is a little scared that I might abandon my dslr…..which I don’t EVER plan on that one happening.  I still use my dslr for photo shoots and the more serious stuff, but it’s fun to use this little gem as well. 

Now about the bathroom:

We really didn’t do anything in here but paint.  I used all the same materials we had in the old guest bathroom.  I really liked them and the towels were very lightly used, so I just kept the same stuff.

We, Cliff, painted the bathroom walls a cool silvery color by Behr paints that actually shows up more like a light blue---which is just what I wanted, and Cliff just happened to be happy with it.

The shower curtain and rug both came from target, while the towels and bathroom accessories such as the soap pump and trashcan all came from Bed Bath & Beyond, (all gifts from our wedding registry.)  The really cool apothecary jar with the cotton swabs came from The Container Store purchased back about two years ago after we moved into our last apartment.  All the lotions and whatnot come mostly from my mother who likes to give me a lot of Bath & Bodyworks stuff, but I never have the ability to use it all---plus some of it reacts with my dry skin. 

**A note about bath products** I like to take the stuff from hotels and whatnot like a lot of people do---I try to store some of these items in my guest bath in the drawer next to the sink so if my guests ever forget anything while they are staying with us---they have a backup option.  I also do this with some mouthwash and toothbrushes if we end up with extra after we come home from a dentist appointment. (Cliff has gone to the dentist a LOT this year so we have lots of trial mouthwash bottles sitting around.) 

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  1. Glad you're getting unpacked and all settled. Eventually it will all be done and you can enjoy it. Love the guest bathroom. We are SO alike though. In the one drawer (really ONE drawer in a bathroom?!) in our guest bath are hotel soaps, dentist mouthwash, floss and toothbrushes. Anything you'd need if you happened to stay with us.