05 July 2010

I Miss This Dog

From Shankle Summer

I really miss her. :(  I left her with my Mom & Dad last week out in the Far East, (East Texas) since we were planning on leaving town that weekend for Austin, and my aunt is bringing her back to DFW tomorrow when she comes back to town.  I has been nice not having to worry about taking her out to go to the bathroom, but I miss her cuddling up with me on the couch, the bed, etc. I also love the company when I'm home by myself, without the annoyance of having to answer a million questions.

This picture was taken last week when I was visiting Mom and Dad.  She loves to prop herself up in the windows or just hop up there and hang out.  I always think it is cute because it is like she is propping herself up on her elbows or something.  Really, I am just a biased owner and think everything she does is cute...well, ALMOST everything.

I will see her tomorrow, but I still miss her today. :(

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