09 July 2010

{DFW Photographer} July Dallas SMUG Mug Meet and Trash the Dress!

Last night was our monthly Smug Mug meeting at the Tower Club in Dallas, (yes, very swanky and nice!) 
This month we had a Trash the Dress photoshoot....at night with four amazing models and two great cosmetology girls!

Overall we had about 35 photographers come out and Candice Cunningham came back out and supplied us with the wedding dresses, (apparently she has quite the collection for events such as these.)

Once we got outside we had a great time working with some fantastic people and it was SO much fun getting to do this shoot! Here are a couple of samples from last night's shoot:

This couple was HOT! and passionate:

{DFW Photographer} Dallas Trash the Dress

{DFW Photographer} Dallas Trash the Dress3

{DFW Photographer} Dallas Trash the Dress4

I haven't had much chance to look over the rest of the photos--it has been a busy day so far, but when I get some others fixed up, I'll post 'em!

Till Next Time!