03 April 2010

It's Time For Bluebonnets!

If you live in Texas, you truly understand the hype over bluebonnets, our beloved state flower, that is pretty much unique to this state. 
(We won't focus on the fact that a Bluebonnet is pretty much a weed.)  This is a favorite time of year for outdoor portraits among families. 

Here is one of my FAVORITE bluebonnet pictures ever!
This is from my first photoshooot with my Canon that I got back in the spring of 2007.  It's from the engagement session of my cousin, Mandy and her husband Stephen.  We were out for 8 whole hours shooting!  However, we got some good shots that day, and who can resist Mandy's smile? 

So....in lieu of Bluebonnet season here in Texas, I'm thinking of hosting a special:  $175 family session up to five people for an hour in the bluebonnets with rights to print!  This will only last as long as the bluebonnets so book your session now and enjoy those beautiful weeds!

'Till Next Time!

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