08 February 2010

Ryan's Senior Photo Session

This past Sunday (before the Super Bowl,) I was able to shoot a senior session for my cousin, Ryan, who is graduating this spring from Mansfield ISD. 
Ryan has changed quite a bit from running away from my sister and me at family functions to now being very social and I do enjoy conversation with him. 
Ever since Ryan was young, he's greatly enjoyed roller coasters, even designing them on pieces of manilla paper and using crayons when he was around nine years old.  Since then, he's still heavily into roller coasters and is a super intelligent person.  I have no doubts he will go far in his life. 
Mandy is his friend and came along with us on Sunday to help make sure he wore that special shirt for his mom and we did a few shots of them together and of her as well.  She is beautiful and is graduating this May as well. 

Here are some images from the session:

We also did some pictures of Mandy as well:

This day was perfect for shooting.  It was cloudy, so we could shoot at any time.  It was definitely cold though.  Ryan and Mandy both were troopers though and we tried to take frequent breaks to warm up in the car.

I think we are going to come back to this location on the porch with the chair, I want to get a photo of Mandy in some really nice dress with her heels kicked up.  It would be super cute don't you think?

Here's a sneak peak of some of the images we got of both of them together.  More will come tomorrow!

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