02 February 2010

Day 9: 21 Day Body Makeover

As I sit here watching Top Gear, only the best car show on television, I cannot help but think that today has been successful. 

I've eaten all five of my meals, drank all of my water, and worked out for an hour today.  I feel good about myself.

Here's something that I really feel good about tonight---my water.
In the 21 Day Body Makeover you are required to drink between 64-100 ounces of water per day.  Cliff and I bought these 32 oz water bottles, so obviously we need to fill them up twice per day in order to drink all that we absolutely have to.  Well, today, I finished my first bottle of water by 9:30 AM!!!!  I finished it just before announcements had finished during the second class period of the day.  Needless to say, I felt awesome.  ...and then it took me the rest of the afternoon to finish my second bottle of water, but of course I drank plenty for dinner and after Zumba tonight.

One other thing about this makeover---let's get personal for a moment here, and boy do I mean personal as far as for a woman goes. 
Lets talk about farts....errr passing gas, yes, that term is better.  One thing I have noticed since starting this program is that I have had less gas since I started totally changing my diet and drinking more water.  I decided to ask Cliff about it tonight at dinner, (yes, I have no shame,) and he said he has experienced the same thing as well.  (Thank goodness--because well, I have experienced his gassing without apology since pretty much 2005--yep, before we got married.)

Okay, enough about gas. 
Well, I'm about to get heavily involved in an episode of NCIS. Y'all have a great night.

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