02 January 2010

Monday is Going to be Bittersweet

There are two good things about the upcoming Monday and then there is one bad one.

I'll start with the bad and end with the good, because I like to leave you with happy thoughts.
1. School starts back on Monday.....which means I have to go back to work on Monday...boo.
However, the good thing about Monday is that I enjoy the job that I have. I like working with technology and the more I'm on my computer the more I learn about the programs I'm working with, which leads to expanding my knowledge in more than just my job. Now, if the kids are just not annoying and bothersome we will be fine.

Now on to the good. There are two REALLY good things and two other pretty good things going on Monday, January 4:
Really Good things go first:
1. My Shoot Sac that I ordered for my camera lenses comes in!!! I am so excited about this it's not even funny. I took some of my Christmas money and splurged and bought the shoot sac with a "Fling" cover. I can't wait to go out shooting with my good friend Sydni Rae with our shoot sacs and get a picture of them together so I can call it "A fling with a cowboy;" I can't help but think it's cute even though I know it's totally goofy. The idea comes from my shoot sac name being "Fling" and Sydni's being "Cowboy." Here's an example of what my shoot sac will look like:

2. My best friend will be induced for labor to give birth to her precious baby girl. I already know this little girl will be precious because first off, her name is going to be Lexi Jo, and second off, she is Terrie Smith's Autrey's daughter. Terrie already has her room set up and it is just dripping with girly cuteness with all the pink, brown, and green in the room and the fantastic custom bedding that Terrie's mom made. Terrie is fantastic at making anything cute and turning any house into a home and she's done the same with Lexi's room. This girl already has a bow holder full of bows. The really dreadful part about Terrie having Lexi on Monday is that I won't be able to be there. BOO.  I can't exactly take off work my first day back, believe me I'd love to though.  However, I will be making my way out to Mount Pleasant next weekend to officially meet Ms. Lexi Jo and of course, produce her first photo shoot for her and take tons of newborn baby shots. :) 

Now on to the pretty good things about Monday:
1. Zumba starts back up at the MAC.  I'll have to dish out some money for my annual dues to the MAC and for my monthly fees for Zumba, but it's totally worth it.  I finally found a way to work out that doesn't feel like total torture and I really enjoy it.  I love to dance and this allows me to dance my face off.  I also use Zumba to stay active and will hopefully help me in slimming down and reaching my weight loss/slim down goal.

2. Cliff and I start our 21 day body makeover/DIET.  This will suck and be pretty good at the same time.  It will suck because I have to give up some things I love to consume in my body, such as: sweet tea with caffene in it, white potatoes, red meat, etc.  However, it is a good thing because I know that this is doing something good for my body and it will help me cleanse my body of toxins and help me begin to loose the weight I need to.  The great thing is that Cliff will be doing this with me and I'm better at this sort of thing when I have motivation and an accountability partner.  I have already made some changes in my diet such as drinking more water and have cut WAY down on cokes, but other than that I've never really gone on a full out lifestyle change diet.  I need it, and I am looking forward to seeing my body slim down and back into a proper 24 year old's body.

Well, it's a pretty exciting Monday ahead of us.  I hope yours is just as exciting as well, that is, if you wish it to be.


  1. I can't wait! You are going to want to carry it with you everywhere.

  2. I'm thinking I might need one of those bags myself. Too cute! Enjoy your Monday