11 January 2010

Hello Monday

Well, this year is off to quite a start.
We've had freezing weather last week and my best friend gave birth to her second child, a beautiful baby girl.  My best friend, Terrie, lives in Mount Pleasant, Texas and gave birth to her baby there on Monday.  The birth went very smoothly and I was so sad to not be able to be at the hospital when little Lexi was born.  Unfortunately, Lexi has some heart complications involving an aorta that will not open all the way, and had to be air lifted to Dallas on the same day as her birth.  Terrie, Richard, and her parents, brother and another family friend all drove as quickly as possible to Dallas to join little Lexi.  As it turns out, Lexi is probably going to have to stay in the hospital here in Dallas for about three more weeks after she has open heart surgery next week.  Last week was long, filled with visits to the hospital and scrambling to prepare meals that would travel well so Richard and Terrie wouldn't have to eat out for every meal.  Despite all the hardship last week, we still have a beautiful little girl to rejoyce her life in this world.  She is beautiful.  I can't wait until she gets to go home where I can take pictures of her without wires and tubes all connected to her.
Meanwhile, I was able to get some shots of this precious baby girl in the NICU this past weekend.
It was dark in the room, so I had to bump up my ISO super high which caused a lot fo noise.  However, I still got some shots.  Sometimes that's all that matters.

Lexi has a wonderful father who is so caring, and is willing to sing her back to sleep.

This father daughter relationship is already something super special.

Now, on to today's photo adventures, I braved bad lighting and super action and did a shoot for our school's drill team for the upcoming Spring Show 2010.  I'm so excited to be doing their shoot as well as the poster designs for this year's show!!!  I have a high respect for Sam Houston's Tex-Annes.  They are a great group of young ladies and they are highly dedicated to their performance.  They are definitely a positive example for the rest of our school.  Here's a preview from today's shoot:

Well, that's about it.  Hope you had a great monday!

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