27 January 2010

Day 3: 21 Day Body Makeover

Three days down....so many more to go.

I tried adding grapes to my shake this morning instead of strawberries...Cliff is right, the grapes make it a little more manageable and almost good to drink with the shake.  I also add Sonic ice in there as well---it's better  when it's cold.  My second shake at lunch I added less water to make it thicker and get the thing over with faster.  It was still aweful. My students walked in for 8th period class and saw me finishing up the shake, at which point they asked me if it was good.  I got a couple of them to smell it---and they agreed---it smells aweful!

Lunch was pretty good.  I opted to go out today for a grilled chicken salad at Sonic.  I ordered it without cheese and the chicken was actually pretty good.  The chicken is served warm on the salad, so that is nice.  Cold chicken = gross.

Cliff was very thrilled today when he found out he could eat steak for dinner.  He emailed the developer of the program, George DeJohn, today and told him we were planning on going to Outback Steakhouse with our family and asked I guess if he could, by some miracle, have steak. Much to our surprise, George responded back with "Yes" the only thing is you should keep it down to a smaller portion and stick to a tenderloin.  Of course, no bread and no "bloomin' onion" were allowed at dinner.  (Even though, a bloomin' onion would be great.)  I had Salmon again with steamed veggies and of course, water. 

I feel like I'm drowning myself with water after drinking so much of it.  Honestly, my stomach somewhat aches all day after drinking so much water.  I know my body is not used to it, but it still does not feel all that great to be constantly drinking liquid all day long. 

Tonight I did not have the luxury of doing my Zumba fitness routine.  Instead, I went down to our complex gym with Cliff and we both rode the bike for twenty minutes with a two minute cool-down.  A little bit of Maroon 5's Sunday Morning and the State of the Union address was thrown in as well while I peddled my way to a cleaner me. 

I've been frequently having headaches throughout this process, but I had started having headaches frequently before we started the program, so I'm not sure that they are related.  Cliff did look it up though and he said that you should exercise or reduce your supplement of the Power Cleanse until the symptoms subside.
Here is what they said on the website.
It is likely that you are detoxifying too quickly for your liver to keep up. This can cause toxins to re-circulate, causing symptoms such as headaches or joint pain. I recommend you reduce the Power Cleanse dose in half until the symptoms subside. Include a lot of high sulfur veggies such as garlic, cabbage, broccoli, onions, kale, and asparagus to help your liver detoxify and clear the toxins from your body. I also recommend a supplement called AminoDetox which will specifically help the liver "catch up" on its part of the detox process. This combination should slow down the re-distribution of toxins in your body and improve your liver's ability to clear the toxins.

I look forward to sleeping after we finish watching Top Gear and I finish this post. 

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