05 October 2009

My Own Personal October Fest

Fall is without a doubt my absolute favorite season. There are things I love about every season, but Fall just takes the cake. I love the beautiful warm hues of Autumn with the colors of the leaves, I love the cooler evenings and crisp days (IF the Texas weather permits,) and I love Texas Football in the fall! There is nothing like the sound of a football game on the TV on a Sunday afternoon! I love jackets and sweaters and jeans; flag routines and pumpkin flavored things.
There are several events that we celebrate in the fall, my husband's, mother's, paternal grandfather's, and my sister's birthdays.
We also celebrate our anniversary, and Thanksgiving during that time! Seriously, I loved the feel of our wedding---with the black and ivory colors mixed in with fall accents of burnt orange, red, yellow, and green, and then we had a spice flavored cake with buttercream/creamcheese icing! Oh! It was so wonderful! I'd do it all again!

Well, this weekend is a family holiday that is beginning to compete with Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. My grandfather (Papaw) had his 79th birthday this year on October 1st, and we are celebrating at my parents' house this Saturday. Last year we enjoyed an afternoon/evening/night on the huge porches of my parents' house with chicken stew and cornbread that was prepared over a fire, tasty appetizers, and chocolate pie for dessert made by my maternal grandmother, (yes, both sets of my grandparents are friends and hang out--how awesome is that!?) We spent time together as an extended family--shooting arrows at the target, shooting the breeze on the porch and around the fire, and playing competitive games of Chicken Foot in the evening. We had so much fun together and I greatly anticipate more fun this year! My sister will be coming in for the first time from Lubbock and bringing a whole brood of college kids with her! My cousins are coming out, and it's going to be plain, old fashioned fun! I look forward to getting my clothing to smell all smoky from sitting around the campfire on Friday and Saturday night while sitting around and laughing with everyone! Here are a few pictures from last year's celebration. (I hope to get more and better shots this year!):

Here's Everyone sitting around looking at pictures from Jessie's India trip

Here's Jessie with her bow last year. Getting ready to shoot:

Here's Dad walking back with his gun in tow! (He's attempting to look like a sexy beast--LOL!)

We always have cameras in our hands--here's Jessie taking a picture of me taking a picture of her....and you see our Blazers in the background. :) I no longer have my Red Beast of a Blazer. Jessie, however still has her pimped out, Bessie Blazer that's Pewter colored and has pipes on it. :)

Here's my mother and me--all happy together and tired from preparing so much food! We both wore red. :) I love her so much! She really loves having people out to the Shankleville Farm!

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