27 September 2009

This weekend I hung out with Jenn at the Mansfield Pecan Festival where she had her Bohemian Rose Bath & Soap booth, selling all of her awesome homemade soaping products.
Here are some of the shots I was able to take after my wonderful husband brought me a memory card for my camera. (Silly me, forgetting the card but remembering the camera!)
Here is Brighid--the most popular soap of the day--made with Guinness beer! Next You'll see some of Jenn's solid perfumes, and then of course you'll see probably my absolutely favorite soap--Autumn Afternoon! Then here's Jenn--having a laugh with some of her customers!

Well, the weekend is over and back to work tomorrow. We are hitting the sixth week of the first six weeks--I can't believe school has already been in session that long! Here comes time to work with photoshop and HTML!!!
Oh how it would be nice to just take pictures all the time!
Yeah right, I don't think I could handle working from home--my mind would be all over the place! I think I would have to have a studio before I could take this photography thing full time...not that I would be against that though.

Well, it's after ten and tomorrow comes early--I've got to clean up some stuff around here and then it's off to bed!

'Till Next Time,
Christina Lee

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful things you had to say about my soapies! :) The photos turned out great, too!