01 August 2009

Wonderful Weekends!

Well, we definitely slept in this morning after what seemed like a long night. I suddenly have all this energy out of excitement for all the photography stuff going on, and Cliff, well, he was playing some Mario Cart on the wii. :) Even the dog slept in with us this morning, and if she sleeps in, well, that means we must have all been pretty tired.

On my previous post I mentioned that I'm putting together some new designs for my logo and business cards. I decided that I'll go ahead and share them with you now. They look very similar to my current banner on top of the blog, but that is because I'm a very matchy-matchy sort of person--it's just the way I am. I am going with black, because, well, I love black, always have and think it's very elegant with white. I've added green because I love the life that is in green and it's pretty much my favorite color and it compliments black so--there goes my new color scheme. This time I ordered cards that do not include a picture of my work and I ordered them from a company called, overnightprints.com. This place was recommended to me by my friend Sydni, so I decided to try them out as well. One of these days, I look forward to trying out their business card magnets!

Other plans include working on my straps, but I'll probably have to go to my mother in law's to do so because I don't have extremely good scissors for cutting fabric nor do I have a sewing machine--but it's okay, because she has three! Hopefully I'll be pretty good at putting these together, because I know a few DSLR camera straps in my family that are looking pretty naked right now!

Well, I'm out! Till next time!
-Christina Lee

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