04 August 2010

My Leg in Its Current State, part 2

Today was my first day of therapy for my knee.  They unbandaged my knee to where it was open where you could see the staples. This totally grossed out my younger sister who graciously drove me to therapy this afternoon.  When I got home tonight, I decided to take the bandage off again and re-wrap my wound, but not before taking a gruesome picture of my staples in my leg! So, this post’s image is going to be a little gross and will not be good for those with a weak stomach. For those of you with a stable stomach that is stronger, feel free to see my knee below.



  1. It is hard to recognize a knee in this composition. Are you sure? :-)

  2. That actually looks kind of cool! You really can't tell it's a knee in this picture either.

  3. It is a bit abstract. Ironically, I liked how the afternoon sun was coming in through the window, right on my staples. :)