26 July 2010

Have You Heard of “Salad In A Jar”??

Just like the title says, have you heard of Salad in a Jar?  It is a wonderful food blog by a lady I met in a photography class named Paula. She lives in Arlington and works by day, and on the weekends, she’s busy putting together and publishing wonderful recipes that she shares with the world!


Most recently, I made her Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Chicken Bites for dinner, except on my puny George Foreman Grill since I don’t have a real grill.  They were absolutely delicious!


One of Paula’s favorite foods that she likes to blog about is her Greek Yogurt, and has lots of recipes that include Greek Yogurt or varying flavors of it!


If you are looking for a great, decadent treat that is also easy to make, try her Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffles. They are OH SO good, and a great new take on chocolate chip cookies!


Earlier this summer, Paula invited me over to her beautiful home to do some pictures for her for her blog and website. I had a great time shooting her photos and loved seeing her kitchen where she makes all that recipe magic happen.  I just know my sister would LOVE her kitchen cabinets, which are painted red! My sister’s favorite color is red and those cabinets look great painted!


If you haven’t already, scoot yourself over to Paula’s blog and check out some of her great recipes at Salad In A Jar!