22 March 2010

Spring Break Recap

Well, we arrived back on our home turf yesterday afternoon at 4:00 pm and we came in, dumped our things at the door, and then the dog and I retreated to the bed and took a nap!  Cliff had to peel me out of the bed to come in the living room and eat some pizza.  It was not ideal to stay away from home for nine days, but we did indeed enjoy our time on vacation.
I probably took hundreds of pictures. I really have no idea how many there were, but I do know I did still have plenty of room on my 8gig memory card.

Here are some of the images from our memories of spring break 2010.  Now I have not had the time to go through all of them and pick out the best, but here are some goodies: 
 Here are Jordan and Kristeen, our good friends who live in Baton Rouge.  Cliff and Jordan have been friends since elementary school, and the three of us were all members of the Midlothian Panther Regiment in high school. Oh high school band... Cliff and Jordan were both snare drummers and hands down the coolest guys in the band. Kristeen is Jordan's fantastic wife whom I feel we get along quite well. She is super nice and has excellent taste in wedding dresses. Matter of fact, we all got married within two months of each other, and come to find out, Kristeen and I picked out practically the same wedding dress--with just a little difference in the coloring behind the beading and on the train.  It was totally unplanned and kindof neat. Kristeen's bustle totally blew mine away--it was SO much prettier than mine.
Well, you can't experience the heart of Louisiana without a swamp boat tour, and with that comes seeing the alligators. We came at the perfect time of year.  They were just coming out to start sunning, but they weren't quite eating yet.  So I was able to snag several shots of the alligators and terrify my mother when I showed them to her.
This shot is from our New Orleans experience.  We ventured down to the French Quarter on Saturday evening to see the Big Easy for ourselves.  Here, we were able to see this fantastic band who sang vintage songs from the depression era.  I'm almost regretting not purchasing their cd.

Well, that is about it for tonight. It is late and time for some more sleep so I can keep up with the kiddos at work tomorrow.  Have a good evening!


  1. I love your pictures and I am really glad you guys could come and visit! We should all go on a trip together next time!

  2. well- that is after we visit your new house!!