19 February 2010

SHHS Cheer

Lately I have been quite busy at work, and I just got busier. 
Aside from my teaching job at Sam Houston High I also do the webmaster work there and design/maintain the website.  Well, that led to doing some poster design work for our drill team, which ended up pretty cool!  If I had the file with me I would show you, but then again, I guess you could drop by www.aisd.net/sam and see the drill team's spring show and tryout ads for yourself. 

Well, our cheer sponsor saw the posters and really liked the work, so I was asked to do some more work....design a cheerleading tryout poster.  Since then, another high school in our district has also asked me to design their drill team poster...it's really kindof neat because I enjoy doing this type of stuff, but it is added work too!

Back to the cheerleading squad though.  Today after school, we met on the football field and did a little mini shoot for the tryout poster.  Here's one of my favorite shots of the day:
Don't these kids look great!  The afternoon was perfect.  It was cloudy and I had my flash...all was good.  The only thing I did to this image was resize it for the web and darken the grass just a tad...just to give it some "umph."  This crowd was fun to work with and I look forward to getting their tryout poster put together next week. 

I know the pose is a little done before, but I still like getting the grass behind them. The darkness somewhat balanced out the white of their uniforms and just looked really good with it. 

When we finished, some of the girls asked me how to get some pictures for themselves and I told them I also do senior pictures as well.  So, girls and guy....I look forward to hopefully doing senior portraits for y'all at some point!

Well, that's it for now, have a good weekend!


  1. You are very talented. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Those turned out great- I wish you good luck with your business ventures!

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  3. How fun to get to incorporate something you like with your work.

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  4. Great photos...!

    Just popped in to say howdy from Texas Blogging Gals.

    Necel from the Old House in Texas

  5. Love the pic! Keep up the good work. Come see me.