18 January 2010

Ray's Pharmacy

Today is MLK day.  I'm doing my part of service by taking care of Cliff while he's recovering from the flu.  He seems to be feeling a little better today, still has some fever, but it seems to be going down.  Last night he didn't have to get up at all and he only slept with one blanket.  It seems things are getting back to normal. 

Well, we ventured out to get some Wendy's because that is what Cliff was craving for lunch, and on our way home we stopped by a local pharmacy that opened a new location on Broad street in Mansfield. 
The building has classic appeal and fits in nicely with a small town.  By my standards, it is super cute.  Cliff and I walked in the door and found ourselves in a pharmacy of traditional style--equipped with a gift section, pharmacy, and a soda fountain!  Near the front we managed to meet the man who started Ray's pharmacy in 1954, Mr. Lee Roy Ray.  In the back there is an old large oak cabinet with glass doors that lift up with a collection of Ray's memorabilia.  Mr. Ray shared memories about some of the items in the collection and the history of the pharmacy, including a prescription book that was opened to a prescription written for his future daughter in law when she was two years old.  We found out that Mr. Ray sold out to his son and now there are five Roy's Pharmacy locations in the area. 

I loved how small town and traditional feeling that the pharmacy still embraces.  It seems to pull off that feeling in a town that is booming with five high schools and has neighborhoods popping up all over the place.  The owners seem to have done things right, because the Soda Fountain was booming with lunch business, and as a result, others were roaming around the pharmacy as well. This pharmacy reminds me of the trips we used to take to Louis Morgan in Longview that has now blossomed into a gift store popular for local wedding registries as well as a pharmacy.  I really enjoy shopping at local businesses and supporting of my local community, and hopefully developing relationships with store owners and having that friendly interaction, so I think Ray's Pharmacy will probably be getting some of our future business.  If you live in the Mansfield area, check them out!

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