13 December 2009

Web Feature: Sumo Paint

Do you like to use image editing programs or create graphics?  Are you like me and don't have Photoshop--(the real one) because it can cost an arm and a leg? 

I don't know about you, but I am constantly looking for an appropriate substitute to Photoshop.  I have Fireworks, which I love, but I don't have the ability to use brushes or do some things that Photoshop has.  My school also does not provide this program and sometimes I have to look for alternate resources. 

Well, Sumo Paint is here to save the day.  This is a free online image editing/graphic creation program that you can use straight from the web and you don't have to download it on to your computer.  This is a great way to help your kids practice using an image editing program at home without them having to purchase a program for their home computer.  (I'm usually pretty lucky if my kids have a compuer at home with internet access, let alone expect them to have this sort of program.)  I wouldn't say this is a complete substitution for Photoshop, but it's great for practicing with layers and there are some pretty cool basic brushes that aren't available through Fireworks. 
This would also be a good program for small children to play with at your house if you don't want them to mess up your beloved Photoshop program as well. 

My favorite tool is the symmetry tool.  Whatever you draw, it will draw in symmetry across your canvas/workspace with the same lines.  This is totally fun to play around with, and I imagine it is very helpful with creating graphics that need symmetrical lines.
This program also features a magic wand, gradient tool, and clone stamp among many others.
Here's a screen shot of what the interface looks like: 

Take a minute to check it out at www.sumopaint.com!

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