15 November 2009

Wedding Photography Lesson: Take an Extra Pair of Pants

Yep, that's my lesson from yesterday, pack an extra pair of pants. Why would I have learned such an odd lesson last night and what does it have to do with pants??

Well, you see, I was all active in moving around and shooting the wedding when by the end of the ceremony.....you guessed it, my pants RIPPED! Just on the inside of my right thigh, the smooth wool had had enough--and it broke. Man, I loved those pants, but I had to move on. In a moment of panic, I grabbed my mother and told her, "Go call Cliff, and tell him to bring me some more pants...now!" Thank goodness the wedding wasn't too far away--only about thirty five minutes, and Cliff brought me a pair of pants at the beginning of the reception.

All in all, the wedding went alright. The bride and groom were spectacular and sweet people! I was so glad that Jheri and Drake allowed me to be a part of their special day.

Well, I'm off to keep on grading to get the averages submitted tomorrow morning by ten!

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