30 November 2009

I am Thankful For My Mother

It sounds like lip service, but I'm so thankful for my mom. My mother loves photography and me so much that she drove to Mansfield to stay with me one night to let me be her boss at a wedding two weekends ago. She is wonderful when shooting a wedding. Her help is absolutely appreciated and incomparable to that of anyone else's. She has the sixth sense of how things should be placed when doing wedding photography. She really was my right hand person in helping gather the troops for photos, fixing dresses, watching for placement of hands, etc.

I have my mom to thank for my initial interest in photography. She bought me my first toy SLR camera at two, and has encouraged my photography hobbies throughout the years. She constantly had her own SLR camera in front of me as a child and through that I learned how to pose. :) She took my senior pictures which turned out to be totally custom to my personality. Mom allowed me to borrow her new Nikon D70 when I started getting side business in college. My parents were wonderful and supportive and bought me my first digital SLR when I finished my bachelor's degree, (not in photography) and they have both been extremely supportive of my whole adventure.

Thanks Mom! For all of your help!!!

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