20 September 2009

House or No House?

Well, yesterday started off early at 7:00 in the morning so I could go do a senior shoot in Mansfield of my cousin, Ryan. He's a super intelligent senior this year and plans to attend Texas A&M next fall. I have no doubt that he will do well in college, he's very smart and can communicate well with others.
We started the shoot about 8:30 after we got his car washed but the sun was just so bright, his eyes were watering. After about an hour of trying and getting a few good shots, we decided to break and continue the shoot later one evening so the light wouldn't be so intense. Lucky us, Ryan calls this morning and tells me he has the flu--so we can't shoot this evening. :( I hope he gets feeling better soon!
Here is one of the few good shots we were able to get yesterday:

In other news, well Cliff and I have begun exploring possibilities of home ownership. Our lease is up at the end of May and we've contemplated building as well as purchase of something that is already owned. Well, I found a floorplan of a builder that I liked the other day, but then today I found a house on the market with the same floorplan---and definitely cheaper! OH! the decisions!!! Is there a guarantee that this house will be there in May? No! There isn't!
The thing is---I actually really like this floorplan--three bed, two bath, with extra "study" area and a formal living and dining room that would probably be converted to a pool table room for us in the future. Other features I like are the corner fireplace, (more wall space;) built in appliances with a separate stove, oven, and microwave, nice large 42" cabinets and then get this, there are drawers in the bathrooms! Yes, I said drawers! You would not believe how may homes built in the last few years around here don't have drawers in the bathroom---or there are two super tiny drawers, which to me absolutely crazy. Who buys a house and puts no drawers in the bathroom? ...especially if it is over $100k. This floorplan also includes a covered patio. I have been blown away by the amount of homes in this area that don't have a covered patio. We are in the middle of north Texas folks! The sun shines most of the year and we have had 100 degree weather up to October at times in this area of the US....WHY would you not have a covered patio?? So, needless to say, I have been pleased to find something that is reasonably in my price range that includes what we want in a house! The only thing.....do we try to buy early and pay upwards of 3000 dollars to get out of a lease?

Anyways, well, I guess I'm off to get back to cleaning my apartment and waiting on Cliff to get home from his golf outing.

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